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“Fake it, Till You Make it” – But Don’t Go Too Far”.

I know this statement above is not strange to you, but hey, this is my own personal experience and as they say “Experience is the best teacher” but what I Nurudeen told people is ‘its not necessarily we all go through horrible experience’ you can learn from other peoples mistake or experience to step into your own future, so that’s why am sharing my own experience with you today.

When I first heard about the statement “Fake it, Till You Make it” It caught my attention because at that time, I was truly living a fake life, but the idea of turning my fake life into success wasn’t clear to me. But what was clear to me, was not to go extreme by defrauding people or take something that wasn’t belonging to me.

Now, when I said, I was living a fake life, I simply mean, I was pretending to have a job as I would dress up in the morning, pick up my bag and left home to go to work, but in reality, I do not have a Job, I am just tired seating at home or hanging out with friends who either want to just eat what their mama had for them or steal some money from their dad wallet to come play gamble.

As someone who is supposedly working in the face of my family, they started expecting money from me because I was going to work, i changed my way from working to been a student, I will dress up in the morning, grab my bag with a big book I bought on the street , sometime put on my coat (supposedly called “suit”) and I will walk from one street to another pretending to be going to school in the presence of my family and acting to be going to work to my friends.

I had been doing this for years before I heard about “Fake it, Till You make it” again, turning that life style to success was something that wasn’t clear to me and I know, you might have been in same situation and you are wondering now, how did I finally turn my fake life to something that benefit me today.

When i discovered I could be a consultant (Story for another day) and after I had put money together to rent a shop that I called my office, as you know! my ‘Fake it’ of going to work and dressing like a pastor or banker (whatever you want to call it) fit into my new idea. The effort makes finally pay off.

While I was trying to figure out how consultant business runz and how to turn my ideas running on my head to money, you know its easy to run idea on your head and be successful, its easier said than done! For me, I was very determined and ready to give the business all it takes.

One thing that keeps coming over my head was ” Every successful person I have seen or read about started from a dream of idea then move to action.

Your action could be anything, in my own case, after putting my office together, my action was to share my ideas with some like mind friends who i believed can be on same plane with me, Bless God today, my Partner Bolaji Muhammed is doing well today!.

Here are some tips I want to give you for reading this far!.

FAke it till you make it – But dont go too extreme.

I did a level of “Fake it, till you make it” but not to the extreme where I am a fraud” See, if I pretended to be going to work or pretend to be a student when I was not! I believed what people would have said if I was caught then was “he is deceiving himself” but what i did was to take Action towards something and the concept of taking action helped me as everybody had idea but few people take action. So if you have an idea that is running on your head today, please start small, even if you think you fail, you would be better than someone who didn’t give it a shot at all.

Gaining More Knowledge on your Idea.

“Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well” This was another trait that made me successful in my business, this post is not about what i did or my business, raither its about the concept of how i moved from ghetto to become an international consultant. After i discovered the problem in my country and i figured out solution to help my target customer and made money, i did research, Bolaji Muhammed can testify to how uncountable time we slept at cyber cafe just doing only one thing.

After years of research, we finally became masters on the concept and we were able to move from been representative from one country to different continent.

Be Willing to Put Yourself Out There

Believing in yourself and displaying confidence is crucial in achieving your goal: i.e getting ” out of your comfort zone”.

“You can’t sit back and expect opportunities to find you — you’ve got to put yourself out there and bring your product, your service, your pitch, your talents to wherever it is your audience gathers, whether conferences or trade shows, on Twitter and Instagram, facebook or elsewhere even online,” Transform Any Situation, Close Any Deal, and Achieve Any Outcome.

In our case, we left our comfort zone to go to schools in Europe and Canada to go sell our skills and come back with an official representative.

Know the difference between confidence and arrogance

As at the time you are aiming high, the universe will put some test on you! You will believed you have arrived and you might be thinking you are been confidence but in reality, you are been arrogant.

So my advice to young idealist is to try not to come off arrogant as ‘all that and then some.’ Instead, know your stuff, own your stuff, and your belief in your business will shine through.

Once you follow the steps above, its guarantee you will succeed on whatever you put together.

This post is coming too long. But Thanks for reading this far.

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  1. Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.