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Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal

Its no longer a news that Kamaru Usman is defending his UFC welterweight title but we all know who he was preparing for before now! If you do not know, Usman was preparing for Gilbert Burns a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist and submission grappler who currently competes in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. But Gilbert Burns was removed from the main event early Saturday due to undisclosed illness, the UFC, which had been unsuccessful in negotiating a deal with Masvidal over the past few months, ultimately crafted an agreement to make one of the biggest fights possible a reality.

But at Ajgist, we have some reserved comment and we would like to state it here.

No doubt, Usman is wonderful fighter, but as a UFC lover and Usman follower, our concern are as follow:

  1. We know Usman has been in training preparing for Gilbert burns but 6 days only to change tactics and fight one of the dreaded fighter in UFC “Masvidal” call for concern.
  2. Masvidal is a gangster fighter, he has been waiting for this opportunity, he has nothing to loose but everything to gain, do not forget about the first fight between the underdog fighter “Andy Ruiz” and undefeated and unified WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO champion “Anthony Joshua“. We all know how it goes!
  3. I am authoritatively saying this that Gilbert Burns was not a threat to Kamaru Usman, He knows what Gilbert  needed so he brought in an elite boxer “Cosmo Alexandre” (A Brazilian professional kickboxer, boxer, and mixed martial artist) to bridge the striking force of the Brazilian fighter and other MMA striker, you know what am saying, he was preparing so hard for Gilbert Burns.  Which means Usman has been focusing on striking but we know all know Masvidal is a good receiver better than Gilbert.
  4. Kamar Usman is known for his wrestling tactics and Masvidal is great in it too, the advantage that Usman would have used against Gilbert would not work with Masvidal because he is a beast in the game.
  5. As experience and wonderful as Usman, he has disadvantage when he comes to fighter who had multiple combination of tactics, both Usman and Masvidal have almost same trait such as “Fast Wresting, Good Jab and a combination of a strike that Usman worked on”, this will be a very close fight.

As we look forward to Saturday the 11th of July, we want you to know that Although the fight is now on the books, multiple hurdles still remain before the two stars meet in the Octagon. The fighters will travel to Las Vegas before departing on a charter plane to the venue. They will need to pass additional coronavirus tests in the United States and upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, plus a third test after Friday’s weigh-ins.

If all goes as planned, Masvidal, one of the UFC’s biggest stars, will get an opportunity to capture a real UFC title for the first time.

Watch out for the post fight of Kamaru vs Masvidal

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