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This article is for you singles, please read it and digest it, and for you that 
are married, you can also read and make adjustment, but whatever comment you 
make, it is allowed as we have a FOI bill, so enjoy.

A Married man was travelling in an aircraft, and he wore his wedding ring on a 
wrong finger, and so someone noticed and pointed his attention to it, saying “

Sir, you are wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger” and the man said in reply, i know, its because am married to the wrong woman.

Do you believe the climax of the man wearing the ring on wrong finger was not because of the wrong woman but because he did not prepare for the marriage.

The marriage you dont prepare for will confuse you when you get married, it is preparation that determine your experience, people take time to prepare for everything, some will spend 7 years in the university studying about rat and lizard, but when it comes to marriage people think they dont have to do anything, all you need is just find a partner, move to the alter, mosque or court and be joined together.

It is your preparation that determine your experince, you dont prepare in marriage, you prepare for marriage, you dont learn how to shoot gun in the battle front you learn how to shoot before the battle begin, as you make your bed so you sleep on it.

Do you believe there is no accidental fullfilment in marriage, if you are going to enjoy fulfilment in marriage then you need to prepare your self for marriage, and there is no better time to begin to prepare than now that you are single, am happy for you that you’re single, its better you celebrate your season as a single, lol… been a single is not a disadvantage, been a single is not a sin, you are not under a spell because you are a single, so many people dont 
understand been a single, so they are in a hurry to get out of the single state to a married state because most of their friends, sibblings are married, life is in phases, you dont pity to marry.

Every phase in life prepare you for the next one, been single is a necessary stage in life that should prepare you for marriage, believe me, you are not under a curse because you are single, its a necessary facet you must pass through in the process of life, do you believe its better to be single and get married at

the right time than getting married and later become a single? there is no pity in marriage my dear and no sentiments…

its better you take time to enjoy your self as a single than getting married and still looking out to other babes or guys, there are so many things you can do as a single that you cant attempt to do as a marriage person, your time as a single is a very unique period of your life given to you, it is primarily for the purpose of preparation.

Been a single is a preparation on all aspect of marriage, dont forget that you dont prepare in marriage, you prepare for marriage. so many people are having nasty experince in their marriage, the climax is that there is nothing wrong with their partner but because they pitty, no preparation before getting married.

i wonder and look so flabagast when i saw people saying, am getting old, i just need to get married, all my younger ones are married, all my friends are married, i just need to look for the right partner, etc.

you look for tall rich and handsome guy or babe, but believe me, this is not a yardstic to marriage, every successful and happy marriage is an adequate product of preparation, and best time to begin preparing is now.

If only you know what experince people are going through in there marriage right now, you will take your time to prepare.

let me stop here for now because of the space of facebook, watch out for the continuition of this article.

Glide Global.

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